FAQ Buyers

- Yes , contact us on our email @upcoming.ae@gmail.com or on WhatsApp : 0505442124

- Ok , we will try to match your ask with the same item you bought - If we didn’t get the same as your ask , we will refund you the full amount

- Email @upcoming.ae@gmail.com or just press on contact us in the bottom of help center page - Our team will reply your massage within 24 hours - Or contact us on WhatsApp : 0505442124

- The sneakers are selling from other sellers around UAE and the listed sizes depends on their availability

- Unfortunately once the bid / ask has accepted we cannot cancel the order

- It may take 1-2 days

- Once your bid accepted by a seller - you will be charged directly - you will receive order confirmation email

- We save you from losing your time looking for a specific sneaker around UAE - All items will be verified and guaranteed 100% authentic.

FAQ Sellers

- Unfortunately , we are accepted only UAE sellers right now - But in future we will accept sellers from GCC countries

- Ok , on the top of home page there is “ request item “ - Press on it and send us your item with item SKU - We will send you an email once we load your requested item - It may take up to 24h maximum

- Yes , you have to register + filling your payout info

- Once we received your goods we will verify it and when it pass the authentication check we will transfer your payout to your bank account within 3 days

- it can occur to postponing / blocking your account

- Seller fees is different from level to level - Fees start from 9.5% to 8% - You can see sellers level in the bottom of ABOUT US page

- You have to ship your goods within 2 working days

- No , unfortunately we are not accepted used items